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Kootenay Bakery & Cafe

The Kootenay Bakery Café Coop has operated as a Workers Cooperative for over 11 years serving mostly organic, usually local and always nutritious food. Since 2001, when we first opened our doors, we became an essential meeting place for both local residents and visitors alike. Our Bakery/Cafe features "from scratch" food preparation. There are no mixes here! In this way we are able to create more options allowing piople with dietary restrictions access to many of our products. We produce items that are wheat-free, egg-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, fat-free and dairy-free (probably not all at the same time). In addition to the making and serving of food we also engage in a business that respects the people who do the making and serving. As a Workers Co-op we decide the direction of the business together and share in any resulting profits (or deficits). It is our attempt to build a equitable workplace. We find that these efforts result in a business that can offer nutritious food in an inviting atmosphere where both customers and workers are treated with respect and warmth.

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